Project Book Scholarship Program:

To be eligible for this scholarship, 4-Hers must have submitted a complete horse project (listed in the Horse and Pony section of the Enrollment Form), or horse project record or portfolio. This is turned in at the end of the 4-H year to be judged by the County Extension Office, and winners are selected by the Extension Agent or the County Horse Project Committee as organized by the Extension Agent. All 4-H members who are awarded project book scholarships by the Northwest District 4-H Horse Council may request the funds for any 4-H event (county, district, state or national).  Checks for these funds are sent directly to the event of choice, not to the recipient.  Qualifying events are 4-H camps, Congress, clinics, 4-H District, State, or Regional Horse Shows, or county, district, state or national 4-H competitions. Extension Agents are to send a list of 4-H youth to receive the awards, totaling $100 per unit, to Rose McDonald, Treasurer of the Northwest District Horse Council, by Dec. 31. Scholarship funds must be requested by the 4-Her by e-mailing the Treasurer, Rose McDonald.  All scholarship funds must be requested and used during the calendar year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) following the award.  Those monies not used before the end of the year go back to the ND Horse Council general funds.