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  • Eastern National Roundup - Knowledge Contests -- the "Finals" for Seniors... for about 350 State Champion 4-Hers from the State 4-H Horse Contests. Contests cover Horse Judging, Hippology, Horse Bowl, Public Speaking, Individual Presentation, Team Presentation. Generally held in November

  • Southern Regionals Championship Horse Show. Visit the Virginia State 4-H Site for Information and Applications

    Southern Regionals is held in late July - early August. Virginia allows 42 horse/rider pairs. In February, a pre-application form is available. Anyone that is interested can apply and pay a $40.00 pre-application fee. Applicants are ranked based on their performance at previous year's State 4-H Horse Show. The highest ranks from the show are selected first and will then there will be a wait list. Upon a scratch the next high ranking individual on the list will be selected. Fees for SR entry are based on the states costs, generally $55 – $60 per stall and $20 per class. Most youth enter approximately 3 - 5 classes as they are not limited to a division. Below is basic information:
  • ELIGIBILITY-  Virginia members who participate in the 2012 Southern Regional Championship must be currently enrolled in 4-H in Virginia and not have had their 19th birthday prior to January 1.
     Virginia is allowed to enter 42 horses or ponies. Members qualify by having previously participated in the State 4-H Horse Show. Each may enter one animal only and eligibility is the joint responsibility of the State horse specialist, exhibitor, leader and finally the respective extension agent. Horse entries must obtain and comply with any health requirements for the particular host state (individual responsibility).
     The horse and rider qualified at the State 4-H Horse Show.
     Order of Selection will be:
     1. Division Champions
     2. Class Champions
     3. Class Winners
     4. Reserves
     5. Seconds
     6. Thirds
     7. Fourths
     8. Fifths
     9. Sixths
     10. Sevenths
     11. Eighths
     12. Ninths
     13. Tenths
     14. After top ten, entry is open on first come first serve basis and based on postmark of pre-entry if the 42 slots have not been filled.
     **Where placing is considered, 4-Hers are also ranked by class size.
     SUBSTITUTION for the horse ridden in the State 4-H Horse Show may be done by exhibiting the substituted horse in the current year District Qualifying Show or clinic. Therefore, members show at the 2014 Southern Regional Championship with a horse they exhibited at the 2013 State 4-H Horse Show or a horse they exhibited at a 2014 District Qualifying Show or clinic. No other substitutions will be allowed.